New Addition to the D.Core Family - the Stratus!

March 9, 2021
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
March 9, 2021
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

New Addition to the D.Core Family - the Stratus!

DCore Logo The D.Core brand came to light a couple of years ago with the flagship D.Core Cirrus massage chair being presented at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. It had a few features that made it a very appealing option in the industry.

First of all, it had a very aesthetically appealing look, arguably one of the best

D.Core Cirrus massage chair cream hero

D.Core Cirrus

"looking" massage chairs available. Those aesthetics included US-sourced black walnut hardwood making up the side panels and full length arm rests, and a very streamlined body styling. Secondly, it was the first chair to introduce arm rollers. Thirdly, it had calf rollers and kneading calf airbags. Finally, it offered an effective deep tissue massage of the neck and shoulders, which had theretofore been quite difficult to find in an L-track massage chair.

The Cirrus also had foot rollers, gluteal/shoulders/arms/calves/feet airbags, a Master Shiatsu Massage that incorporated a unique 3D roller mechanism, corrugated roller balls as opposed to traditional smooth roller balls lending to the more intense roller massage, and beautiful accent lighting placed behind the hardwood side panels and the D.Core logo.

D.Core Cloud massage chair cream hero

D.Core Cloud

At the same time that the Cirrus was introduced, D.Core also offered the less expensive Cloud model. Although it had the same strong roller mechanism in the back and body silhouette, it did not have the calf rollers, arm rollers, accent lighting, a heat feature, the full complement of hardwood accents (no wood on the arm rests and less side paneling), gluteal air bags, or the Master Shiatsu Massage. The stripped down feature-set justified a lower price point ($4999 at the time of this writing, versus the $8499 price tag of the Cirrus).

Recently, a stretch program was added to both the Cirrus and Cloud models.

Just this last week, a third model was introduced to the D.Core family - the

D.Core stratus massage chair

D.Core Stratus

Stratus. Priced at $7999, the Stratus has the same roller mechanism and Master Shiatsu Massage  as the Cirrus, along with the heat feature, arm & foot rollers, shoulders/arms/calves/feet airbags,  and LED accent lighting located only behind the D.Core logo.

The hardwood can be found on the same panels as the Cirrus, but not the full length arm rest of the Cirrus. Rather, it has a small section of hardwood at the top of each arm rest (see image). According to the new photos of the Stratus, the hardwood seems to be a lighter color than the black walnut of the Cirrus and Cloud models.

See the chart below for a simple comparative breakdown:





Master Shiatsu Massage








Stretch Program




Body Rollers

Back, Arms, Calves, Feet

Back, Arms, Feet

Back, Feet

Air Massage

Shoulders, Arms, Glutes, Calves, Feet

Shoulders, Arms, Calves Feet

LED Accent Lights

Yes (logo and surround)

Yes (logo only)


Wood Accent

Arm, Side+



Check out the Cirrus & Stratus e=3D+ Tru Master Shiatsu Massage below:

Dr. Alan Weidner


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