Neck Massage – DreamWave M.8 Massage Chair (Video)

DreamWave M.8

Transcript of Video Titled “Neck Massage – DreamWave M.8 Massage Chair”

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DreamWave M.8Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to demonstrate how the neck roller kneading works in the headpiece of the new DreamWave M.8 massage chair.

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Alan: You’ll notice that this headpiece, which is kind of the focal point for the neck massage on the M.8, has this roller mechanism inside. See how the rollers are working in kind of like in opposite tandem? So, the left side goes up, the right side goes down, and vice versa. Well, when you turn on the programming for – or any auto-program, or the manual setting – for the neck massage, you’re going to see that these rollers are working.

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Alan: Now, they’re working in concert, both working the same way. So, they do two things, they go in and out, in and out, you can see that, where my hands are, and then it does that for a few seconds, and then it stops, and then the left side goes, and the right side goes. So, the next thing you’re going to see is, you’re going to see to see the rollers – now you see the left go, and then the right go – left go, and right go.

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Alan: That’s how we started. Remember, you saw the way that they kind of created this tandem massage, doing the opposite on each, one side doing the opposite of the other side. Anyway, that is how the neck massage mechanism works on the headpiece of the new DreamWave M.8 massage chair.

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