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Nerves in the body are effected by compression. Sometimes as is with many cases this pain from compression can be alleviated with movement. In other cases this compression in the nerves make it more difficult for blood to flow. When blood flow is restricted it can cause a backup of toxins not moving properly through the bloodstream. This backup can cause nerves to become more inflamed as they cannot decompress and move toxins throughout the blood and out of the body.

Key Takeaways:

  • Arteries are more muscular and more resistant to compression than veins.
  • When veins are compressed the blood within them backs up and there is often swelling.
  • The swelling can impede nerve mobility and eventually erode the nerve sheathe, causing discomfort and potentially numbness and tingling.

“If healthy nerves were extremely sensitive, wearing a watch would be impossible, as the nerves in the wrist would be compressed.”

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