Music Therapy for Stress Relief

Music can soothe the soul, and in fact, can soothe your stress too! A new Music Therapy organization is offering a unique way for adults to get their frustrations out and cope with stress. The sessions will use drums and singing to manage stress and anxiety reduction, and are held in group settings.

“It is an active participation group, and there’s no music experience required,” say Cheyenne Mize, co-executive director of the group. “It will be very basic drumming techniques and exercises that will incorporate drums with breathing and with the voice.”

Arts and wellness have always been a preferable technique for many things, not just stress relief. Music relief can help with bridging relationship gaps, increasing communication and socialization skills, and learning new self-expression and inner peace techniques. If you’re not into a group setting, you could also always hold your own sessions at home!

Read the full story here :: Beat Stress With Music Therapy Drum Sessions

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