MRI-friendly device can provide relief from back pain for up to 25 years – Daily Mail

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Do you suffer from back pain and nerve damage? If so, it’s probably had a big impact on your life and made even simple tasks like walking and picking up items difficult. Now, there is a new type of implant that can ease chronic back pain for 25 years. See how this implant helped Tina Mulchandani, a 35-year-old London woman, get her life back after having chronic pain that make her feel “like an invalid.” And, you can still have an MRI scan with this new type of implant.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new implant for chronic back pain that lasts for 25 years also allows patients to have hi-tech scans.
  • I was prescribed painkillers — naproxen and tramadol, and pregabalin which treats nerve pain — and had regular physiotherapy but the pain always returned.
  • I even had surgery in May 2015 to try and release what might be compressing my nerve.

“I was told the nerve should recover, but it didn’t. I felt angry as my lower back was in constant agony and it really disrupted my life.”