More On The New Inada YUME Massage Chair

More On The New Inada YUME Massage Chair

Inada just came out with an English translation of a previously Japanese-only video of the Inada Yume. I watched it this morning and it looks great. It clarifies and highlights a couple of things that I alluded to in my previous post on the Inada YUME massage chair and a couple of other things I wasn’t aware of at the time of that blog post.

Here are some highlights…

1. There are some lights on the outside of the ottoman, which Inada calls “Color-Kinetic Light Emitting Diodes.” Inada says it “Adds visual calm to your massage.” Actually it may add some calm to someone watching you sit in the massage chair as the lights are not visible from the seated position in the chair!

2. The cool calf massage I told you about in my previous post is called “Thera-Elliptical Kneading” (TEK). The Inada Yume is the only massage chair that has this innovative feature.

3. The neck pillow with the airbags is actually designed to stretch the neck muscles by inflating on one side and then the other. This is how it is designed to work: there are airbags that push down on the shoulder while another pillow tractions at the base of the skull, thus creating a stretching or elongating motion of the neck muscles. It does it on one side and then the other. But, again, to get a good neck massage with the rollers, recline the chair fully, lift up the neck stretching pillow out of the way, and use the manual settings to move the rollers as high as possible.

I hope you enjoy the video. I think it’s pretty cool how the narrator goes over the history of the Inada massage chairs. You will see that the oldest massage chair company in the world also pioneered many of the standard massage chair functions that you enjoy in almost any manufacturer’s massage chair models.

Dr. Alan Weidner