Money Remains Number One Stressor For Americans

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They say ‘more money, more problems’, but it’s actually just money in general that is the biggest stressor for Americans. A new report from the American Psychological Association finds that money remains the biggest stressor in Americans’ lives, despite the current healing of our economy.

The study also reports that people with kids, young adults, and people in low-income households are prone to stress overall. All due to those dollar bills. According to survey results, 72% of participants reported stressing over money at some point in the last month, while 22% said they’d experienced “extreme stress” over the past month due to money.

While stress is a huge health concern, what is even more worrying is that the report also suggested that some Americans are putting their health care needs on hold because of financial concerns. In fact, nearly 1 in 5 of those surveyed said that they have either skipped or considered skipping going to the doctor because of money concerns.

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