Money, Happiness, and Stress

healthy young woman stretching before Fitness and Exercise

It seems like one of those words shouldn’t belong with the others, but stress always seems to be a factor when it comes to money and happiness. In this article, a therapist explores the topic of money being able to buy happiness, and whether or not it is in fact a real thing.

He gives the example, “When I bought a new car, yes, that was a happy time and I enjoyed it. However the happiness from that faded, because as the article points out and as it does happen with us, we adapt to what’s familiar. We become ‘comfortable’ with what is around us day in and day out.”

He also says that material things tend to do this to us. Think about when you get a new phone or other technology gadget. Do you still experience a similar level of excitement and happiness as you did when you first got it? Or does it just stress you out about how much money you paid or owe for it?

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