Mobility Limiting Back Pain Can Cause Depression

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A study recently published by the University of South Australia did an in-depth look at the knock on effects associated with back pain, both chronic and intermittent. Researchers found that in addition to causing physical pain and discomfort, back pain also affects the quality of life of its sufferers in a few different ways.

Some of the study’s participants noted that their condition made them avoid situations that would potentially cause them to feel pain, including leaving their homes to socialize with others. And as a consequence of that isolation, many back pain patients found themselves feeling depressed and anxious.

As the University of South Australia study has shown that back pain has both physical and psychological effects, sufferers would likely benefit from massage therapy treatments. In addition to relieving back pain, massage can also be effective at restoring mobility by working the knots out of tense muscles and fascia.

With their pain level lowered and their mobility restored, back pain patients can then get back to the physical activities they love, including spending nights out with friends. And as opposed to pharmaceutical or surgical treatments, massage sessions do not require a long recovery period and they don’t impair cognition the way many prescription pain relievers do.

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