Mindfulness class charts paths through stress – Issaquah Press, Sammamish Review, Snovalley Star, Newcastle News

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Mindfulness is the approach of dealing with stressful situations by focusing on the moment with greater self-awareness of emotional response. It helps with maintaining control and learning how to improve upon that and how to let go. It is important for students to learn the technique in order to deal with the stress that their hectic schedules and academic requirements create. Research has shown practicing mindfulness helps with depression and results in greater well-being.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mindfulness is the practice of returning, again and again, to the present moment.
  • A recent healthy youth survey found 84 percent of students in the Lake Washington and Issaquah school districts get less than eight hours of sleep each night. Thirty percent of those students also reported experiencing depressive feelings during the past year.
  • Sahota said youth who have completed her eight-week class developed a tool to cope with their stress and gain control of their emotions.

“Mindfulness is the practice of returning, again and again, to the present moment.”