Mindful motoring – addressing the stress with a little help from Dickens – Telegraph.co.uk

scrub, brush, and liquid soap

We all have experiences being stressed or overwhelmed. Many may be feeling this way currently as the holiday season arrives and come into full swing. Have you ever wondered what your body is actually doing when you are stressed out. A Professor has done some research in hopes of figuring out how stress effects spending habits. Perfect timing if you ask me with the holiday season in full effect.

Key Takeaways:

  • I have normal levels of emotional intelligence, which means that I have a mixed emotional response to events inside and outside the car, but I quickly cope with negative emotions.
  • It might make people angry or scared. That is stress. However, that stress is then regulated or managed by the person, depending on how emotionally intelligent they are.
  • Stress is a serious problem among motorists, but we don’t have to let it ruin our driving experience (or, long-term, our health).

“This is important to know, because emotional intelligence has emerged as the key to dealing with stress when driving.”