Midday Makeover – Understanding Oncology Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy that helps people with cancer and other diseases, I think is a no brainer.Anything that helps heals and gives relief to those that already arec in pain is awesome. I personally have family members dealing with this deadly disease and any approach of healing and help is always greatful.Another step in the the right direction to overcoming cancer and other life changing circumstances.I think this is a great way to give hope, love ,joy and peace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pamela says she was happily married to her former priest husband, Pete, for 17 years
  • Pamela says she hired a private investigator and claims to have uncovered an affair between Pete and Lori
  • Now, Pamela is accusing Pete of abandoning not only her but their two teenage sons

“The modern age we are living in forces us to spend more time at work, and since one day has only twenty-four hours, the contemporary “average Joe” chooses to renounce relaxing time in favor of work.”