Mental Health App for Stress Problems

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Have stress? There’s an app for that. A new mental health app designed specifically for Cantabrians will promote wellbeing by setting self care goals to help lower your stress. The app is the latest tool from All Right?, a public health program set up to help Cantabrians recover from the emotional effects of earthquakes.

App users will be offered easy “missions” every day to improve mental health and wellbeing. Once you complete each mission, the app will reward you with positive feedback and little hearts that show how many goals you’ve reached. The missions are related to the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, designed by the New Economics Foundation in the United Kingdom.

The missions include connecting with others, learning new skills, giving time to others, taking notice of the good things around you, and being active. The most recent research in All Right? showed that while many people had made good progress in recovering from the effects of stress.

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