Medical Study Review Finds That Massage Is a Highly Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain

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Anyone who’s been following the news lately knows that America is currently in the grips of a serious opioid addiction epidemic. A number of experts have pointed to the over prescription of powerful pain medication is a cost to the epidemic. Consequently, the CDC and FDA have recommended that medical professionals greatly curtailed their prescription of opioid-based pain relievers.

While the development might be a concern to chronic pain sufferers, a recent review of medical studies conducted between 1999 and 2013 has found that massage is a highly effective form of pain management.

The medical study review, which was conducted by the Samueli Foundation, found that massage therapy techniques for effective at pain and discomfort suffered by those afflicted with a diverse array of conditions. For instance, the review uncovered the fact that massage successfully reduced the pain experienced by those afflicted with fibromyalgia, spinal cord trauma and severe muscle strain.

Additionally, it was found that massage provided relief from the headaches and anxiety the comes with those conditions. It’s also worth noting that massage doesn’t have the deleterious side effects associated with other common pain treatments like invasive surgery As such, looking regular sessions with a qualified massage therapist or spending time in quality massage chair is something that can help those burdened with chronic pain and stress.

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