Medical Review Finds That Massage Can Boost Immune Function

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In the two few decades, opinions about the nature of massage have evolved a great deal. At one point it was seen as something of an indulgence, an activity to engage in while enjoying a day at the spa. Then, it came to be seen as an aspect of alternative medicine; a potentially beneficial treatment without a lot of scientific testing to back up its effectiveness. More recently, the Western medical establishment has begun to verify the health benefits of massage and it’s increasingly being used in treating a variety of illnesses ranging from cancer to muscle strains to asthma.

This Massage Today feature discusses recent research into how massage can aid in immune function. While examining the results from a number of different clinical trials and medical studies, it was found that massage can aid in the healing process by reducing the inflammation that is often a byproduct of surgery, medical treatments like chemotherapy or overexertion. A number of studies found that after receiving a massage, many patients experienced an increase in the product of cytokines, a protein molecule was Strong anti-inflammatory properties. Click the link below to learn more about how massage therapy treatments can have a positive impact on your immune system.

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