Massages: Not just a luxury, but also medical therapy –

Doing stretching

Massages are not only a great way to relax, but also a way to heal the body naturally. Massages can help with many different health issues, such as headaches, pain, tension, anxiety, circulation, stress, and digestive disorders. Some massage studios, such as Sorella Massage Studio, even work with doctors and other medical professionals as a way to holistically treat and heal medical ailments. Even the American Massage Therapy Association states that the majority of people get massages mainly for medical reasons.

Key Takeaways:

  • The popular view of massages is seguing from a splurge, luxury item, to a vital medical therapy adjunct.
  • Licensed massage therapist, Sarah Weber notes that while many come to her studio for stress relief, there are many that come to specifically address chronic issues, such as pain.
  • Studies done by the Mayo clinic have shown that massages provide demonstrable relief in the areas of stress reduction and muscle relaxation.

“Sorella Massage Studio’s other licensed massage therapist, JJ Buckley, said that the studio often works side-by-side with medical professionals.”

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