Massage techniques can help alleviate swelling from lymphedema – Elko Daily Free Press

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Although common solutions and treatments to lymphedema have come to be known to be prescription medications or further invasive treatment, recent reports have emerged that claim this may not be the most beneficial means of treating it. Rather, it has been found that certain massage techniques can do wonders in not only alleviating the discomfort that comes with the ailment, but simultaneously help in reduce the excessive swelling that is known to come with the issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use effective massage techniques to alleviate swelling whenever possible. Lymphedema is a new condition that is being studied from many perspectives by researchers.
  • Try a few simple massage techniques that can help researchers heal patients. Many have reported great progress when they try the massage techniques explained.
  • Alleviating swelling will make the site more comfortable and easier to manage for patients. They should prevent inflammation and scarring, which is supported by animal research.

“The T-cell inhibitor tacrolimus has shown an ability to prevent inflammation and scarring of the dermis in animal studies of lymphedema, but human research is needed.”

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