Massage May Ease Chronic Back Pain – Newsmax

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When people have back pain there is a lot that they try and do to ease the pain. There are shots, surgeries, medications, therapy, and so much more. Many of these options are painful, addictive, and expensive. One thing that many have found affordable and helpful and non harmful is massage. Massage therapy has gone a long way in helping people to feel better not just in there back but with everything. It offers long term pain relief.

Key Takeaways:

  • While current medical guidelines espouse first-line methodologies, like massage, over pharmaceutical ones, for chronic back pain, not many practitioners are suggesting it.
  • While many people experience back pain that tends to clear up on its own, about fifteen percent experience persistent and back pain that does not clear up by itself.
  • Studies suggest that those over fifty may most benefit from massage therapy for chronic back pain.

“More than half of the participants had less pain after 12 weeks and many continued to report reduced pain after three months.”

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