Massage Chairs in the Mall! Yuck!

You see it, an oasis in a sea of skin care stands and faux hair pieces…a coin-operated massage chair!  You have been walking around the mall for hours, your back hurts, your feet hurt, and frankly you just want to sit for a minute.  Visions of massage rollers working, kneading, percussing your muscles start dancing in your head!  You have to wipe the drool from your mouth as you anticipate the relaxation you are about to receive…or so you think.  After you frantically flatten that wrinkled dollar bill in your pocket and submit it into the pay slot, you sit back in blissful anticipation!

The rude awakening comes when some very aggressive and not very comfortable balls start clumsily digging at your back.  It feels as if it is searching for your spleen or some other organ that lays deep, deep within.  The tears that come to your eyes are not the tears of joy that you had been hoping for.  Or perhaps you have the experience of such a light massage that it could have been butterfly wings gently and daintily fleeting this way and that across your back.  Either way, it’s a big disappointment! Nothing can be adjusted…you got what you paid for.

The massage chairs sold at Massage Chair Relief are very different than those you may have experienced in the mall.  Please don’t judge all massage chairs by the coin-op chairs in the mall or airport. Real massage chairs are so much more.

They have highly sophisticated roller mechanisms and scanning features so that these chairs “learn” your body and are truly able to create the exact massage chair experience that you have been looking for. The experience is really quite dreamy. And, if one chair doesn’t do it for you, we have over 25 models to pick from and try out. We have the largest selection of massage chairs under one roof so you can have one as basic as you want or one that will work the full body and cook you breakfast after!

So, next time you go to reach for that wrinkled dollar bill in your pocket when you’re at the mall, go home and put it in a jar to save up for a REAL therapeutic massage chair!

Dr. Alan Weidner

3 Replies to “Massage Chairs in the Mall! Yuck!”

  1. I actually love every bit of the massage chairs. My back and neck are so bad that the rolling part is just as good as it does. I’m looking for a low cost version i.e. one that you can place on a chair or click that does the same. Do they actually work?

    1. They will still give you some therapeutic benefit, just not to the degree or discrimination of a full robotic massage chair. Any massage is better than no massage!
      dr. w.

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