Massage Chairs, Duck Dynasty, and More…!

Here is the latest news and notes of the massage chair industry…

1. Inada and Human Touch are both offering their extended 5 year warranties free through Father’s Day. Inada is offering it on all of their models and Human Touch is offering it on their ZeroG 4.0 model. You must order your chair before Father’s Day to qualify for the free warranty upgrade.

2. Osaki has completely changed the OS-3000 model. I don’t have the new info up yet on the site, but I do have the images. Here is one

Massage Chairs, Duck Dynasty, and More...! - OS 3000 BLACK 45 DEGREE

image to show you the difference. The OS-3000 used to look just like the OS-4000. The only difference was some of the feature-set. Now, it is a whole new chair. The price of the new OS-3000 is $2549, with an instant discount of $300, bringing your price down to $2249. It has some lines on the chair sides that are a little reminiscent of the Osaki OS-7200H. No shoulder airbags. I’ll give an update of the feature-set once we have the chair info up on our site.

3. I have absolutely loved watching the new show called Duck Dynasty. I don’t k now why I love it so much. I am not from the south, I am not considered a redneck, I don’t hunt, and I don’t blow up beaver dams. But, for some dang reason I love this show. The characters are fabulous. Anyways, on a recent segment, Uncle Si gets a massage chair. I can’t tell what model it is, but it looks like a chinese-made chair. Here is the clip as I found it on YouTube.

4. I have floor models that I need to sell in order to make room for some new chair lines. Here is what I have (these might be great bargains for Father’s Day gifts!! Just sayin’)

a.) IT-8200 (black) – 1 year old – $2600 (regularly $3195)-

b.) IT-9800 (black) – 14 months old – $2400 (regularly $3295)

c.) IT-7800 (black) – 8 months old – $1395 (regularly $1795)-

d.) Inada Sogno (creme) – 3 months old – $7299 (regularly $7999)

If any of these interest you, give me a call and I can take your order over the phone. Free shipping on all 4 of them.

5. We have some showroom specials that I can only tell you about by phone or email. Give me a call at 888-259-5380 to find out what specials we have in-store.

Dr. Alan Weidner