Massage Chairs at the Green River Rendezvous!

Green River Massage Chair event

I am writing this blog entry from beautiful Pinedale, Wyoming…home to the Green River Mountain Man Rendezvous. We were invited to attend this event and bring our massage chairs along. So, my wife, Mona, our Commercial Sales Manager, Steffanie, and myself left for the Rendezvous on Wednesday of this week. The weather has been great and the folks so down to earth and kind. Pinedale is a quiet little town at the base of the Wind River Mountains and is home to much of the Wyoming gas and oil industry. You can see a picture of me and BK, also known as Black Kettle, a mountain man original. Although he has only had electricity in his home for 3 years now, he sat on the HT-1650 everyday…at least twice. You see…a massage chair even works wonders for Mountain Men!!

Green River RendezvousAs usual, our massage chairs are a novelty, and folks are always attracted to sitting on them. Here is a photo I took with my cell phone showing our chairs at the Rendezvous with Mona and Steffanie in the background.

Other than the Rendezvous, I just wanted to say that we are working on a new home page redesign for It is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and it will include, among other things, a method to searching for chair models based on various features, a special of the month section, more testimonials on the home page, and some live video of yours truly to introduce folks to the site. I’ll keep you posted.

Dr. Alan Weidner