Massage Chair Visitors from Georgia!!

I had a great day today! We had our first Massage Chair Relief visitors from Georgia come to our showroom today. They flew in first thing this morning to attend the Sundance Film Festival. They had done some online homework about massage chairs before they left and saw that one of the sites they had visited, OURS, had a store in Salt Lake City so they figured they’d come for a visit once they landed. So, first thing this morning, Doug and Katrina and Skip came for a visit to our showroom. We had a wonderful visit and fast became friends.

Now, we have had visitors from Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, and Idaho…all neighboring states within driving distance, but this was the first visitor that actually flew in to see us! I was just thrilled. They ended up getting the HT-1650 massage chair after having sat on all the chairs over the course of 3 hours. By the way, if you ever come to our Massage Chair Relief showroom, plan on spending AT LEAST 1 hour trying out the chairs. We have 11 in the store, and you will want to take your time trying them all out.

Should you ever come to Utah, please come visit us. We would absolutely love to have you. Call ahead and we’ll make arrangements for lunch or dinner. We’ll take care of you the moment you walk through the doors…yes, and that includes a meal for your effort to get here!

Dr. Alan Weidner