Massage Chair Relief Showroom Thanksgiving Hours AND the Inada Cube Chair!

Massage Chair Inada Cube

The holiday season is upon us at Massage Chair Relief, with Thanksgiving coming around this week. We will be offering a Black Friday/Cyber Monday special to our email list. You can call us toll-free at 888-259-5380 if you don’t get the emails. Our showroom hours will be as follows:

Thursday November 26 – Closed
Friday November 27 – Closed
Saturday November 28 – Open

Last week we added the new and very interesting Inada Cube Massage Chair to our website:

It is the dangdest little chair. It folds up into a cube which can be lifted and hauled around almost anywhere. It unfolds out into a full-fledged massage chair, of course not the same caliber of massage chair as the “big boys”, but a massage chair, nonetheless. It is the cutest thing I’ve seen in this industry in a long time. It retails for $799. It only comes in black and white, right now, but may come out in the advertised red color in the next shipment.

Dr. Alan WeidnerInada Cube Massage Chair