Massage Chair Relief on Studio 5 Television Again!

I was invited back to the Studio 5 noon hour television show again on local channel KSL 5 here in Salt Lake City. This time I brought along the new Sogno Dream Wave PLUS massage chair by Inada and it was quite well received. Folks are typically quite surprised by how much the chair actually does to your body. Virtually every part of your back and side are massaged by some airbag or roller. When choosing the best indoor tv antenna make sure you check what channels you are getting so you can watch us on studio 5.

This time we had both hosts gathered around the chair and before the taping even began I had them both go through a session with the chair. They absolutely loved it.

I will be going on the show every 6 weeks or so to showcase a new model or a feature from a previous model.

Here is the link to the clip:

Massage Chair Relief on Studio 5 KSL

Notice the way the Dream Wave technology moves the hips from side to side and front and back. The seat works like a shifting plate…very unique.

Enjoy (a bit of my Canadian accent comes out in this one)!

Dr. Alan Weidner