Massage Chair Relief on FOX in SLC

Massage Chair Relief TV spot by Fox 13 News

We had a blast yesterday morning as the local FOX affiliate on channel 13 filmed their remote bits from our Massage Chair Relief showroom. Big Buddah is the host and came here to broadcast at 1/2 hour intervals on the TV channel. We had reps from Rockwell Watches, Uinta Golf, and Orson Gygi also here pitching their wares for up-and-coming Father’s Day. I have included a few pics for your enjoyment.

The highlight of the broadcast was Big Buddah trying to pretend that he was using an egg beater as a massager. Well, it caught his shirt and twisted up in his shirt material. He couldn’t get it untangled and he had to finish the broadcast with it on his shirt. Hilarious!!

By the way, I had a question this morning about whether the warranty for an Inada chair is valid if the chair is shipped to Canada. YES, the warranty is good if you, as a Canadian, by a chair from a US company, like Massage Chair Relief, and have it shipped to Canada from the US. Good news, eh? (I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and know how to use “eh” if I have to!!)

Fox 13 at Massage Chair Relief

Fox 13 at Massage Chair ReliefFox 13 at Massage Chair Relief