Massage Chair is Astrological Love Lucky Item!! Who Knew??

I just ran across an astrology website and found something that made me laugh with joy. It is a daily love horoscope and for the day of Saturday, July 19, 2008, and for the sign of Pisces, it lists “massage chair” as the astrological love lucky item for the day!  Isn’t that great? I love it! 

I knew that massage chairs were special but I had no idea that they were a love lucky item. Well, Pisces, you better get yourself a massage chair…if you want to  be lucky in love. Hhhmmm, I wonder what the lucky love item is for Leo today (that’s me)? Oh well, I just checked and it is a “face washer”. That isn’t nearly as neat as a massage chair…what is a face washer anyways?

Dr. Alan Weidner