Massage Chairs Fix The Darndest Things!

Our showroom had a fascinating opportunity experience with the Panasonic 30007 massage chair in our showroom a few weeks back. A man walked in, or should I say limped in, our office with his wife looking for a massage chair to sit in.  Apparently, he suffered from an Autonomic Nervous System disorder (I can’t remember the name of the disorder right now). His symptoms included, among other things,  a very pale face, inability to walk normally because of a gimped left leg,  and a drooping left side of his face. To be honest, he looked quite sick and appeared unable to function normally. His wife actually had to help him get through the door and into a chair. He appeared totally disabled. So, why a massage chair, you ask? Apparently, he had traveled to Japan for his work and had sat on a massage chair in an airport over there. He said that he thought there was a slight improvement in the way he felt when he got off the massage chair. He basically was coming by the showroom to see if that first ime in the chair was a fluke or a real therapeutic benefit.

Well, get  a load of this…after only sitting on the Panasonic 30007 for only 15 minutes, he got up and seemed like a totally different man. After only 15 minutes we were all amazed at the change in this man’s demeanor.  His normal face color was back, his limp was gone, the droop in his face was gone, and his general appearance and health was vastly improved…and I mean it was vastly improved. Once he got out of the chair he had a great urge to go to the washroom to void. Who knows, maybe the massage got his bowels going too! The man that came out of the washroom was a totally different man that came into our showroom that day. He then knew that it was not a fluke, but that a massage chair could actually make a dramatic contribution to his good health. He is on disability and applied for coverage of a massage chair so that he can have daily, regular therapy. For those of you who think that a massage chair is purely indulgent and just an interesting piece of furniture that happens to have a little massage feature as an aside, think again. A massage chair is truly a bonafide medical device that legitmately provides a notable therapeutic benefit. Try it…you’ll like it. And it just may surprise you how good you feel when you are done!

Dr. Alan Weidner