How Massage Can Be Used To Treat Strains, Sprains and Bruises

Portrait of two aged females doing yoga exercise for balance in sport gym


Numerous studies have found that massage is highly effective at reducing pain, restoring mobility and eating in the healing process. But it’s important to understand that those benefits only apply when massage is applied properly. This blog post details how massage can be most effective in an instance where you’ve strained, sprained or bruised part of your body. In the first three days after the injury occurs, it’s important to not place further strain on that part of the body and to keep it iced down. This will have the effect of reducing pain and inflammation in the area by drawing blood away from it.

After three days of taking it easy and icing the area, it’s been safe to get a massage. At that point much of the inflammation incurred in the original injury should have gone down which will make it possible for the area to be massaged without physical discomfort. It’s also been recommended to keep the affected area as a way to loosen up muscle and fascia that may have grown tight when the injury occurred. Coupled with heating, massage can have the effect of relieving pain and directing freshly oxygenated blood to the affected area which will have the effect of reducing recovery time.

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