How Massage Can Be Used as an Effective Pain Management Treatment

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While massage has become well known for its relaxation properties, its effectiveness as a form of pain manager is less well known. This Norwalk Patch piece discusses the various ways and types of pain that massage can treat. For one thing, massage is great at relieving anxiety as it induces the body’s relaxation response, a state wherein the brain releases lots of chemicals into the bloodstream that produces a feeling of profound calm. As anxiety and pain are interrelated, easing anxiety can blunt the physical and psychological effects of pain. This quality can be especially useful when treating the many of those living with a chronic illness.

The article also notes that massage is great for dealing with less serious ailments as well. One study published in the Journal of American Public Health found that massage is better at treating certain kinds of headaches than cold packs and specifically targeted massage is highly effective at reducing the occurrence of chronic tension headaches. A 2000 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center study found that massaged helped 95 percent of the hospital’s muscle spasm patients reduce their need for pain killers. Click the link below to learn more ways massage can be used as an effective pain management solution.

Read the full article here: Massage Therapy Has a Role in Pain Management

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