How Massage Can Help Chronic Headache Sufferers

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Although numerous recent studies have found that massage is useful in treating a number of debilitating health problems, there are still many people remain unaware of massages many health benefits. Massage is commonly used to treat our muscle strain and the discomfort and pain that follow invasive surgery. And it’s increasingly used to treat the symptoms of chronic stress, a condition that can result in serious disorders such as high blood pressure, obesity, insomnia and reduced immune system function.

As this recent Examiner article points out, massage can be very helpful for chronic headache sufferers.

Because millions of people now spend 7 to 8 uninterrupted hours a day staring at computer screen at their jobs, they’re putting incredible strain upon the next and lower backs.

One of the most common physical manifestations of all that strain is chronic headaches. These headaches can be debilitating because they are both incredibly painful and they have a significant negative impact on a person’s mobility. Fortunately, a quality deep tissue massage can unknot tense neck and back muscles and provide sufferers with much-needed relief from their tension headaches.

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