Massage and Physical Rehabilitation

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It can be very difficult to fully recover from invasive surgery or a traumatic physical injury. In many cases, it will be months, even years before the human body can repair the damage incurred in a serious accident. It’s also possible that you’ll need long-term physical therapy to regain the full range of motion you had before your injury and convalescence. To cope with the pain that accompanies the recovery process, many people turn to prescription or over-the-counter medications that can chemically inhibit pain. Unfortunately, the long-term use of pain relievers can cause stomach irritability and weakened effectiveness over time.

That’s why increasing numbers of physical rehabilitation specialists have come to believe that massage can play an essential role in a person’s recovery. Massage can have the effect of sending fresh blood into injured parts of the body, which has the effect of expediting the healing process and reducing painful inflammation. It can also provide pain relief in the form of deep tissue massage, which can loosen up muscles and fascia that have become constricted after an injury and breakup scar tissue that developed in the aftermath of surgery. Give this Hometown Focus article a read to learn other ways that massage can have a positive effect on physical rehabilitation.

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