Managing Work Stress

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As of 2014, the average American worker now puts in around 47 hours a week at the office. With work now demanding of a bigger share of our time than ever before, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the pressure to succeed. Unfortunately, the anxiety we feel on the run up to a stressful situation, such as giving a presentation to our supervisors, can actually be worse than the psychological strain we endure in those stressful circumstances. As stress can have the effect of disrupting your ability to concentrate and retain new information, it’s important that workers prepare for stressful occurrences in ways that will sharpen focus and deflate anxiety.

This Nevada Appeal article lists 11 different ways you can release stress, many of which you can do at work. For example, you may decide to not eat on the day you have to give a big presentation because you don’t want to be distracted by an upset stomach. However, going hours on end without eating will cause your blood sugar to fluctuate and your stress levels to skyrocket. Instead, eat a number of healthy snacks over the course of the day so that your blood sugar will remain at a consistent level and you won’t have to deal with the crash that comes after eating sugary junk food. Check out this article to learn other ways you can manage your stress at work.

Read the full article here: Healthy Living: Conquer stress in 11 simple steps

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