Managing pain helps aging clients get/stay in shape

woman sleeping in a spa

Everyone has to face aging. The body will begin to feel the pains and aches of sore joints eventually. Past medical procedures can begin to add up, as well as old injuries. For this reason, a former Wall Street worker has embraced increased physical activity in his 70s. He found age was taking a toll on his body, and embraced statistics that showed those 70 or older were often likely to live into their 80s. Since he wanted to make the best of those years, he added some exercise and activity to his routine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aging doesn’t mean one can’t get or stay active and enjoy the health benefits of exercise.
  • Working to maintain good physical health through activity can help one stay independent.
  • Some doctors recommend pain management medication, even marijuana, since it is important for patients to not stop exercising due to pain.

“every older adult, even the most gifted athlete, has at least one painful or tight issue to work around”

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