Making Sense of Medicine: Exploring the benefits of medical massage

Portrait of two aged females doing yoga exercise for balance in sport gym

In Bob Keller’s article relating to medicine, he covers the benefits related to rather than normal drug practices the use of medical massages to relieve pain. He speaks about the common conception of what a massage is but he says that a great way to treat certain symptoms even stress is through a proper massage. He says that normal massages are only tissue manipulation and are only effective temporarily but using deep approaches one can make the relief last even longer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Medical massage therapy is a broad category that uses soft tissue manipulation to relieve specific medical conditions. In other words, medical massage therapy is outcome-based and is sometimes called clinical massage or treatment massage.
  • The effect of MYK treatments is very similar to what your surgeon may do in implanting a nerve root stimulator in your spine.
  • In addition, results are achieved through focus on a specific nerve root, while in a classic massage, most of your nerve roots are stimulated randomly, leaving the CNS with no clear direction as to what to do.

“The best result of such a classic or Swedish massage is to feel relaxed all over, to be relieved of stress and to feel ready to take on the world.”