Lowering Stress through Proper Rest

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With the holiday season coming to a close, workers across the country are feeling pretty worn out. After spending a few days relaxing with family, millions of people are readjusting back to their working lives. That means catching up on pages and pages of work email, voice messages and notes that all need to be addressed as soon as possible. On top of that, plunging temperatures mean that people are less willing to get together after work to blow off steam. And with the New Year arriving, tax season is just around the corner. For those reasons alone, early winter is one of the most stressful parts of the year.

Since the physical and mental effects of stress can negatively impact our ability to meet our professional and personal obligations, we all have to find ways to lower our anxiety levels. This blog post outlines five different methods you can use to manage stress effectively. First off, you should make sure you’re getting eight hours of sleep a night. While it can be fun to binge watch the latest TV series or go hang out with friends until the wee hours, not getting enough rest can leave you feeling fatigued, unfocused and stressed out. The reason being, without adequate sleep our bodies cannot produce the hormones necessary to keep our stress level nominal. Click the link below to learn other ways you can fight stress.

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