Lower back pain could be a trick of the mind, study says – Netdoctor


With chronic back pain being one of the most abundant and prevalent pains experienced by a vast array of individuals in the world today, debates have arisen about the stem of these discomforts and how to best deal with them. One recent study claims that lower back pain, despite popular belief, is just a function of the mind, and is actually not manifested in the specific physical components that many believe from which it stems.

Key Takeaways:

  • A study examined a small group and their responses to pressure on their backs, to gauge whether pain and stiffness is altered by the individual’s judgement and perception.
  • Individuals self-identifying as having back pain indicated greater stiffness and higher perception of pressure, when the actual physical response was not as severe.
  • While results were interesting, indicating that chronic back pain and stiffness might be influenced by a patient’s judgement, a much larger sample size is needed to prove results.

“People with chronic back pain and stiffness overestimated how much force was being applied to their backs”

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