Long working hours and stress are leading to health problems, doctors warn | The National

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Having a good career and job is a main staple that is very important in every persons life. However most know that with this comes stress as well as long working hours. This article gives you the insight into doctors warnings about long job working hours and stress being the lead cause when it comes to health problems.

Key Takeaways:

  • A culture of long working hours at some companies can cause workers to collapse from a build-up of stress, experts warn.
  • “In addition to more hours at work, work now follows us home and we might obsess over emails while our children try to coax us into playing with them,” he said.
  • She said employers should conduct regular surveys on employees’ levels of stress, and communicate with their staff regularly about their expectations and organisational changes.

“Even low levels of stress can manifest themselves in various ways without regular preventive measures such as exercise, adequate sleep and a good support network, according to Dr Sihweil.”