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Practitioners have defended the art of the healing massage in clinic. Local practitioners are now vocal supporters of massage and its potential benefits. Several other benefits have been noted by those that conduct the massage. Lay down on the table to find out the difference that it makes. Stress and muscle tension are relieved through the healing art of massage therapy. It takes an expert to apply pressure at all the right places during a session.

Key Takeaways:

  • around fifty million Americans have had a massage at least once, for a myriad of reasons involving both physical and mental/emotional health
  • many people use repeated regular massages to ease chronic physical issues by releasing muscle tension and encouraging the body’s healing response
  • massages can benefit the body more than just physically – mental and emotional health are improved by reducing stress, stabilizing moods, and bettering sleep

“I look at massage therapy as getting an oil change for our bodies. To do this once a month or once a season helps get the body aligned, increases immunity and boosts overall general health with less colds and less stress”

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