Life, like Football, Requires the Occasional Timeout

mountain with snow


This recent Mayo Clinic article focuses on how a NFL linebacker use regular massage treatments as a way of ensuring their career longevity. The writer explains how the linebacker took a holistic approach to staying healthy. Instead of just wolfing down whatever was available in order to power his rigorous workout routine, the linebacker maintained a healthy diet that balanced his carbohydrate, fat and protein intake. Instead of just practicing and hoping for the best come game day, the linebacker made a point of studying tapes of the opposing team before every game. And instead of just hitting the Showerheadly after a game, the linebacker made a point to book regular massage therapy sessions.

Although most of us don’t have to deal with the unique pressures of defending against off an offensive line filled with 300 pound linemen, we all have aspects of our lives that leave our bodies tight and tired. Whether it’s putting in regular overtime at the office or finally getting around to cleaning up the garage, we put significant strain on our bodies without realizing it. And while showers are incredibly relaxing, they don’t have the effect of loosening up muscles and fascia that become knotted and overextended as we perform repetitive physical activities. However, doing something as simple as getting a 15 minute massage a couple of times a week can alleviate all that muscle tension while also leaving us refreshed enough to face whatever challenges come our way.

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