Let me count the ways stress shortens your life – The Courier-Journal

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It is no secret that stress greatly impacts your life, and none of these factors are good for your health. It is time to learn exactly how stress is impacting you because it is shortening your life and it is time to fight back. Take the time to learn how stress shortens your life. There are many ways and you might be very surprised at the information you learn about stress and its impact on your life span.

Key Takeaways:

  • Human chromosomes are capped with telomeres. Telomeres help to prevent errors in DNA when cells are replicating. Any change in DNA can cause serious problems.
  • Many studies have shown that people who experience high levels of unrelenting stress have damaged telomeres. An example is people who work as caretakers of ill family members.
  • Stress is more damaging to DNA via breakdown of telomeres when the stress is constant. High stress levels that are resolved in a relatively short period of time are less damaging.

“Scientists have discovered a key factor related to aging called telomeres.”

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