L-Track vs. S-Track Massage Chair Stretch (Video)

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Transcript of Video Titled “L-Track vs. S-Track Massage Chair Stretch”

[SCREEN TEXT: S-Track Stretch]

L-Track vs. S-Track Massage Chair Stretch (Video) - dictionaryAlan: OK, now the chair is reclining. You can see the shoulder airbags grabbing the shoulders, and then you see the legs there, the leg-and-feet airbags, grabbing the – the airbags grabbing the feet and calves – and now that’s dropping down. So, the overall experience of the chair is flat, horizontal body, with shoulders being pinned down, and the legs being drawn down. That is the S-track stretch.

[SCREEN TEXT: L-Track Stretch (1)]

Alan: OK, you’ll see on this L-track, that the chair reclines, the seat stays tilted up, and the legs drop down, with the airbags inflated. But the legs never come down, the thighs never come horizontal. So, that is the difference between an L-track and an S-track. In the S-track, the legs go down, horizontal, completely, while the chair remains fully reclined.

[SCREEN TEXT: L-Track Stretch (2)]

Alan: OK, you’ll see the chair reclining, but the legs are staying, the thighs are pointing up still, because the chair can not flatten out at the seat, and then the legs inflate, and drop down. That is the stretch an L-track.

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