Keeping back pain at bay while in the car

stretching arms

For people who have to drive long distances and have chronic back pain, there are several things they can do to reduce the discomfort behind the wheel. These people could invest in a ventilated foam seat cushion, lumbar support and a heated seat cover. The latter helps relieve muscle spasms. Driving an automatic transmission and using cruise control can reduce pressure on their lumbar and distribute their weight more evenly. It’s also good to sit upright and keep the seat closer to the pedals.

Key Takeaways:

  • While people might be working to avoid long periods of sitting, that’s hard when they’ve got a long drive ahead.
  • Invest in seat cushions that not only supports their body, but allow it to breathe, while they’re on the road.
  • Technology can help; utilize cruise control and automatic transmissions to allow them greater flexibility behind the wheel.

“Thousands of people deal with chronic back pain every day and sitting for extended lengths of time can exacerbate it.”

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