How to Keep Work Stress from Affecting the Rest of Your Life

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In recent years, work stress has become a major health issue. The problem has become so severe that work stress is now the number one cause of employee absence across the world. And opposed to other kinds of anxiety, work stress is especially toxic because it can stay with us long after we leave the office.

Carrying around all that excess negativity and anxiety can not only damage our mental and physical health, it can seriously compromise the personal relationships that are most important to us. However, as discussed in this Good Relaxation article, the effects of work stress can be mitigated if certain steps are taken decompress and relax once the workday is over.

First off, the article recommends creating delineations between work and home. That means turning off work email notifications and adjusting your state of mind so that you are focused on the here and now, now whatever’s going on at the office. This involves making a concerted effort to shutting down work-related thoughts by closing your eyes and taking a series of deep, calming breaths whenever one arises.

It’s also useful to employ visualization techniques once you get off work to take your mind out of the office as well as your body. Follow the link below to learn more ways you can reduce the amount of work stress in your life.

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