Just In…Dark Chocolate (Cognac) HT-1650 Discontinued!

I just got a call from Human Touch and they tell me that the last of the Dark Chocolate (Cognac) HT-1650 massage chairs have been shipped. They are not making any more of this chair in this color. The Black is still available, so the chair can still be purchased, but in black only. Also, I have been told that the new 9500 Human Touch massage chair will not be out until the summer time. I know there is a lot of chatter about this chair on the internet, but for now it is an unknown commodity. No one that I know at Human Touch has actually sat on one yet. It looks like an HT-1650 and it’s colors will probably be black and espresso, but other than that no one really knows much about it. Of course it has iphone app capabilities for programming it. Looking forward to checking it out.

Dr. Alan Weidner