IT-8200 (& IT-8500) Remote Control – Video & Transcripts

Transcript of Video Titled “Infinity IT-8200 Massage Chair – Remote Control”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re talking the remote control of the IT-8200 massage chair from Infinite Therapeutics. And, as you can tell from the remote, it is a pedestal remote, it sits on a pedestal that plugs into the left side of the chair only; there is no right-sided insertion point for the remote, it is only on the left-hand side. And you’ll see also that the remote can move in any position at the upper part like that, so if you want to turn it toward you or lean it a little farther away, if you don’t have your reading glasses on like me, then you can adjust that. The nice thing about it is it just slips right off of this tongue and you can hold the remote control in your lap. When you recline all the way, it’s easy to access the remote if you have it that way.

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Alan: Now, this is the first remote that we’ve seen that has a touch screen. All the other ones have buttons; this one has a touch screen mechanism, which is very easy. You just push the ‘Power’ button there, and the chair lights up and you’re ready to go. And it has four automated programs: the ‘Recover,’ ‘Refresh,’ ‘Extended,’ and ‘Relax’ programs. It has a music system, we talked about that in another video. You can start music, forward to different songs, adjust the volume, and of course stop the music. You can also select the ‘Mode’ button below and do more of a manual setting. So let’s say you just want your arms and shoulders done, you can push that button. You want the upper body done, push that button. You want just your legs and feet, you can push that button. If you want to adjust the speed of the rollers or the width of the rollers, you can adjust that as well. If you want to adjust the strength of the airbags, you can adjust that with that button. And adjusting the airbags is important because feet and calves, which are principally adjusted by airbags, are very, very sensitive on a lot of people, and if it’s too intense it’s very uncomfortable. It’s nice to be able to have that adjustment feature.

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Alan: You can use the ‘Twist’ feature, which is moving the seat from side to side and up and down, there’s a heater on this chair as well that works on the lower back, and of course you can adjust the recline of the chair up or down. You can adjust the ottoman up or down. And then of course you can stop the chair again, and when you do push the ‘Stop’ button, everything resets back to neutral and you can just step up and out of the chair.

And that is the remote control for the IT-8200 massage chair from Infinite Therapeutics. I hope that has helped you in some way to get more familiar with this chair. If you liked this video and you’d like to be updated about other videos on this chair or any other chair that we carry, that we create these tutorials for, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. And also, if you like what I have to say and you think it could benefit somebody else, please ‘Like’ us on Facebook or share us on your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. Again, I am Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ thanks for visiting with us today and we’ll see you in the next video.


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