Isaac Garcia – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview (Video)

OS-4000T chair

Transcript of Video Titled “Isaac Garcia – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview”

OS-4000TDr. Alan Weidner: Well, hello.

Isaac Garcia: Hi there. I sincerely apologize, I completely blanked out.

Alan: That’s OK, that’s alright, are you OK now to do it, or do you want to reschedule another time?

Isaac: No, I’m very good for right now, now is just fine for me.

Alan: Oh man, thanks so much Isaac, I appreciate you making yourself available, that’s fantastic.

Isaac: No problem at all.

Alan: Well, I’m going to mute my phone so it doesn’t disturb us when we’re visiting.

Isaac: OK.

Alan: And I’m really grateful for your time, I know you’re a busy guy.

Isaac: Yeah.

Alan: Hey, you know, we’re doing this interviews, and it’s part of a new playlist on YouTube. So, this is, the purpose of these is to kind of help other people make a decision about what kind of chair to get, you know, they can read reviews, and they can read my articles, and see my videos, but when they hear from people that actually own the chairs, and have been through the experience …

Isaac: Yeah.

Alan: It’s a little bit more meaningful to them, and so that’s the purpose of these.

Isaac: Great.

Alan: So, this is very, very helpful information I’m sure you’ll give us.

Isaac: Great.

Alan: Now, I’ll just ask you a bunch of questions, if you don’t mind, just casual. If you have any input, anything that comes to mind, feel free to share it.

Isaac: Sure.

Alan: Now, you own the Osaki OS-4000, is that correct?

Isaac: I do, that’s right.

Alan: OK, now what was it that, when you first started looking a massage chair, what was it that was, like, why were you looking for it, what was it that was the impetus behind the search?

Isaac: Well, so I began with sitting in one, actually, and so I had the experience at a Brookstone store, sitting in one of their chairs …

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Isaac: And I loved – so the feeling of it reminded me – I had just recently completed a move, and in the previous place that I lived, we had a chiropractor that we went to weekly …

Alan: OK.

Isaac: And as I sat in a massage chair, and felt it really working on my back, and I sit at a desk all day long, and so as I was feeling that, it reminded me of getting adjusted regularly, and it was a fantastic feeling. I said ‘You know, now that we don’t have a chiropractor, where I’m living now, I would love to have something that could keep me limbered up, and not as tight as I felt like that I was getting.’ So, it was a fantastic find for me in the absence of having a chiropractor in our new city.

Alan: Now, have you found that, with the chair, it has taken care of a lot of the complaints that you had when you went to the chiropractor? The reason I ask is because I’m a chiropractor. I don’t practice anymore …

Isaac: Yeah. Yeah.

Alan: But I first got a massage chair in my clinic, just for people to sit on while they were waiting for therapy from myself, or our massage therapist. Well, it turned out that a couple of them bought these chairs from me, asked if they could buy them, and I got them a deal. I wasn’t really selling them at the time, but I was able to get them chairs …

Isaac: Yeah.

Alan: And I never saw them for six months, and they used to come in every – one used to come in every week, the other one used to come in every few weeks – and when I saw both of them, later down the road, both of them said that the chair took care of their problems, they didn’t need to come see me as often.

Isaac: Absolutely, it loosens up – especially in your lower back, and your upper back – it loosens up, just like an adjustment, really loosens up those muscles. And I mean, I don’t know the details of it, but I’m sure on the spine, it gets some motion there that you wouldn’t normally get unless you were stretching, or doing some kind of physical activity regularly. The chair just absolutely provided the kind of comfort and muscle relaxation that I was looking for, yeah.

Alan: Awesome. Now, have you noticed any other things from the chair? Like, the reason that I’m asking is, some people buy it for – well, most people buy it because of a back pain, or a neck pain, or stress relief, but then …

Isaac: Yeah.

Alan: They’ll notice other things like, ‘Geez, you know, I sleep better, or I can breathe deeper, or I stand taller,’ have you noticed – and I’ve seen weird things like diabetics saying that they’ve got sensation back in their feet, at least temporarily.

Isaac: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Alan: Have you noticed any other symptomatic relief or therapeutic benefits from it?

Isaac: Well, I’ve definitely been sleeping better, I’ll say that, being able to really go to bed relaxed. So, it’s one thing that pretty often, I’ll sit in the massage chair after a day at the office, right before going to bed, it absolutely feels fantastic, and then as I lie down, I mean, there’s no – sometimes you lie down, and you just feel like, a tension, I mean, I did for sure, for a while, especially sitting at a keyboard typing all day – and being able to lie down, and not feel any of that, just immediately falling asleep, that was definitely an added benefit to the relaxation. I mean, there’s no feeling in the world like sitting in a massage chair, and I’ll just say whenever I do work, or help someone move, or do some kind of physical activity, it’s so rewarding to know, when I’m done with this, I’ll just be able to go back, and have a massage coming, for whatever length that I want …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: Whatever length of time, it’s a fantastic feeling.

Alan: Are you a pretty active guy, like are you, l mean, sports or whatnot?

Isaac: Yes, absolutely. I love sports, I play them quite often …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: As much as I can, to get outdoors …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: I like that, but I don’t get as much of a chance to do it as I would like to …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: And mainly just because of my work time, I spend most of my time on a computer.

Alan: Well, how often do you use the chair? I mean, probably in the beginning you use it more often, I suspect …

Isaac: Yeah.

Alan: But I just interviewed someone yesterday, they’ve had their chair for three years, and they still use it five, at least five times a week, how is your schedule?

Isaac: So, I wouldn’t say five days a week, but definitely four, three to four times a week, and some of those would be on the day after some kind of an activity.

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: I would find myself, kind of morning, and then a couple of times at night. So, there’s definitely periods where it’s more needed, but pretty regularly, there’s about two or so regular times that I would get in it, and then just as I go through the week, slip in an opportunity here and there.

Alan: Right.

Isaac: But I definitely sat in it more when we first got it, but what’s great is, it’s not just me, I’m able to use it, my wife’s able to use it, and then any time – we have several guests over to our house every week, we have some events over here – and often, you know, the group comes in, and immediately one person claims the chair, and then they get out, the next person claims the chair …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: So, it’s getting lots of use …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: But I myself am probably getting about three to four uses out of it per week.

Alan: Well, that’s awesome, and how long have you had the chair for now?

Isaac: So, we’ve had it for almost a year, almost a year now, so it’s coming up on a year.

Alan: OK. When people come in to a home and they see a massage chair, it’s kind of like this magnet, everybody just is drawn to it.

Isaac: Yes.

Alan: And I mean, we have so many referrals in our business, mostly because of people like you, that have a chair sitting in their living room, or wherever, and someone comes over, sits in it, and they think ‘Holy cow, I’ve got to have one of these.’

Isaac: Absolutely.

Alan: And that’s a big source of our business growth, is people, you know, you are, your chair effectively becomes a salesman for our business.

Isaac: Absolutely, and as soon as someone sits in it, they’re sold. They just, oh, I can’t tell you how many people have said ‘I need one of these’ to me. I’ve heard that numerous, numerous times.

Alan: Well, awesome. Now, just remember to give them our card.

Isaac: I can do that, definitely.

Alan: I’m going to hold, I’m going to send you some.

Isaac: Certainly, and I’ll say this, as far as – and I mean, this is just helping me in the process – anyone who is interested in a chair, by all means, the research and information you provided on your website, absolutely sealed the deal for me. I was looking for a resource like yours, most resources I found were sales centered, and so they said, you know ‘Hey, buy this, hey, buy this.’ Whereas when I came across yours, it was some solid comparison of information, and that’s where, if anyone were to say ‘I’m in the market for a massage chair, do you know where I could get some information about one?’ by all means, your website was key in helping me finally cross that threshold, and say I know enough to make such a large purchase, and be confident …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: That I’m getting exactly what I want.

Alan: Well, and I appreciate you saying that, and you touched on so many good points there. I mean, I appreciate the compliment about our site, but you spoke to the idea that you know, this is a large amount of money …

Isaac: Yes.

Alan: You can’t, there are very few places to sit on these chairs …

Isaac: Right.

Alan: So, the next best thing is you know, a referral from a friend …

Isaac: Yes.

Alan: Or being able to find articles, or videos, to at least demo the chair so you get some idea of what you’re getting in to …

Isaac: Yes.

Alan: But most people don’t realize that when you actually sit in the chair, it’s a very different experience than just reading about it …

Isaac: Yes.

Alan: And getting the content on it, so …

Isaac: Yes.

Alan: But we try to give you the next best thing, and that obviously helped you in your decision-making process.

Isaac: It did, absolutely, yep.

Alan: Now, from the time, from the start, from the inception of the idea of a massage chair to the actual purchase, what would you say was that period of time, how long was that time?

Isaac: I was definitely thinking about it for, I want to say about six months, it was on my mind, and it was, at first, the idea that this would be great, and then I, you know, looked a little bit, and then put it aside, and then came back and looked some more. And it just, it stayed with me, but I wasn’t ever able to mentally pull the trigger, until, you know like I said, I found a resource that made me say ‘I know – and here’s, again, the thing, I’d sat in a chair at Brookstone, which was the inception of the idea – sitting in that chair …

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Isaac: I went ‘I love this, and I would like to get this chair,’ that chair was very expensive, and I was like ‘Ah, I don’t know.’ And then as I researched, coming across an article that you wrote comparing that chair to the Osaki chair, immediately light bulbs went off, and I said ‘This might be what I’m looking for.’ And that was about maybe a month before I finally engaged in the purchase, and that’s really what kind of, you know, made it go a lot faster, and really heightened it in my mind, I can do this, this is what I want, and I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and this’ll be the solution to what I’m looking for.

Alan: Awesome, and now you just made me think of another question.

Isaac: Sure.

Alan: When it came to making the decision about getting a chair, what was the biggest determining factor about getting the chair, was it price, was it support from us, was it information that you’d gained, what would you say was the biggest determining factor of getting the chair that you got, and where you got it?

Isaac: Hmm, I would say the experience I had, in a store sitting in one …

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Isaac: I wanted that same experience, or better, right?

Alan: OK.

Isaac: So, for me, I needed to know that the chair I was looking at would provide a similar experience, because I know when I sat in the chair, and did the little demo, in the store, I just said ‘This is everything that I want.’ It’s got the arm compression for me for typing, it’s got the leg compression if I’ve been out running, it’s got the back, it’s got every feature that I want. And so, for me, price was important, but even if I got a good deal, I looked at some cheaper chairs …

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Isaac: And didn’t feel like they were on par with what I’d sat in …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: And I said ‘I need that experience, at least, if not more,’ and was pleasantly surprised, the Osaki chair actually, I believe, turned out to be a better chair than the one that I’d sat in …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: And so, that requirement was definitely fulfilled.

Alan: Well, that’s great, and I have to say that, that 4000 is a great bang for the buck.

Isaac: Absolutely.

Alan: I mean, what you’re getting for it, compared to the chairs that you sat in initially, that 4000, it’s a very good chair, good bang for the buck.

Isaac: It is. I would recommend it to anyone, anywhere, anytime, at that price point, and with the amount of features it has, I was so pleased with the purchase.

Alan: OK, awesome. Now, you say you’ve had it about a year, have you had any problems with it that required some customer support from Osaki?

Isaac: Not at all, it has been flawless in its performance.

Alan: Good, knock on wood.

Isaac: Yes, yes.

Alan: Oh, knock on wood. Now, did, was most of your homework that you – I mean, did you read a lot of articles, did you spend a lot of time watching videos, did you, did you read reviews – what kind of went in to your homework?

Isaac: Absolutely, all of those, combined. So, I read lots of articles, and again, referencing the one that compared the chair I sat in, to this chair, was kind of the keystone article, that I bookmarked it when I found it, and that’s the one I kept coming back to. I’d go read other articles, look at other chairs, and then I’d keep returning back to that article, and saying ‘This is information right here, that I was looking for.’

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: Also, watching videos, so I looked some of your demo videos, and especially enjoyed the one of putting the chair together. You have a video on what assembly looks like …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: And that just was a really, as I got very close to the purchase, gave me a lot of confidence in ‘OK, I can do this,’ because honestly had I not seen that video, when the box arrived, I would have terrified out of my mind …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: It’s a gigantic box, and a lot of parts, and I just, I don’t know what’s happening, but as I pulled it out, I told my wife ‘I know where this part goes …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: ‘I know what this is going to do, I know where this goes, I’ve seen it unboxed and installed.’

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: So, videos, reading articles, and really, for me, you have the experience in store, scouring the Internet for articles, of which, again, I found very few of value, that I bookmarked, even from Osaki’s own website.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Isaac: There wasn’t really the kind of information that I was really wanting …

Alan: Right.

Isaac: The detailed information, especially comparison of chairs …

Alan: Right.

Isaac: That I was able to find across your site, and through the articles.

Alan: OK.

Isaac: So, that was really the treasure trove that gave me the videos and the articles that I needed to end up making my decision.

Alan: Awesome. Well, you know, that 4000 is a, it’s kind of a workhorse, you know, it’s their flagship chair, it’s kind of the chair that put Osaki on the map. Of course, they’ve come out with subsequent models, and more expensive models, but that 4000 has proven to be a real, a real workhorse. That’s the best word I can use to describe it, it’s got a good feature set, but I rarely hear of any customers complaining of breakdowns. We just put four in the Salt Lake airport for all the staff of the Salt Lake City airport.

Isaac: Wow.

Alan: And I mean, it gets used all day long, by big, burly guys, and you know, we had, I think we’ve had one problem where a bolt that was not put on originally, correctly, it kind of stripped …

Isaac: Mm-hmm.

Alan: But that’s the only, there’s never been any functional problem with the chair, so I’m very pleased with it, and obviously your experience with it, backs that up.

Isaac: Absolutely, and I’ll say too, the warranty for it was amazing. That was one of the factors that really gave me comfort, in that Osaki stood so firmly behind the chair.

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: That really was nice, that they said ‘We believe this chair is really going to last in whatever environment you put it in …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: ‘And here’s our warranty.’ That really gave me confidence because you don’t want to spend that much money, only for a year and a half, two years …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: Lots of things just start going wrong, and you just, you’d be stuck …

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: You know, because it just got out of its warranty.

Alan: Yeah.

Isaac: So, I was really pleased with Osaki standing behind their product.

Alan: Yeah, they’re a big company, and they do stand behind, and of course, they’re easily accessible if there’s a problem, but if you ever have a problem with anything, like them dragging their feet taking care of an issue, or you feel like you’re not being heard, or whatever, you can always contact me as well …

Isaac: That’s awesome.

Alan: And I’m always available to step in and expedite the process.

Isaac: I appreciate that, thank you.

Alan: Well, is there, is there anything else that you can think of that I haven’t covered that you might want to share, anything else about the chair, or your buying experience, or your, anything else that comes to mind?

Isaac: Sure. Well, I can just say, again, the whole experience was one of – it was really a trust thing, right – because, again, having never seen the chair, all I’d seen was the one that I saw in store, and basically handing over such a large sum of money, it really came to ‘Do I trust that this is the right chair, that these reviews are correct …

Alan: Right.

Isaac: ‘That it is going to last like it said it would.’ And just reflecting back on your website, the way that you shared reviews, information, showing people the chairs …

Alan: Mm-hmm.

Isaac: It was very, it was easy to trust that you had the customer, and my best interest at heart, as opposed to you’re just trying to make a sale. The way that you even offer, you know, ‘Here’s my number, call me if you have a question, this is my line, you can get ahold of me, ask me any questions about it,’ that just really gave me confidence that I wasn’t buying a chair that someone was really spinning up to be a really great deal, and it turned out not to be. I was able to really trust, through the research, through what you had to say, through the way that you really stand behind your products, that it was OK to hand over my money, and receive, what I hoped would be as good as what was in store. And again, I just can’t say enough good things about the chair, and about my experience with it so far, it has been more than what I hoped it would be. I’ve been super pleased with it …

Alan: Awesome.

Isaac: And again, I would recommend the experience to anyone.

Alan: Awesome. Well, you know, spending that – when you stand back and look at it – of course, you’ve been through this, where you’ve spent this amount of money, from a person that you’ve never met before …

Isaac: Yeah.

Alan: On a website that could be just run out of some dude’s garage …

Isaac: Absolutely.

Alan: That could be shut down tomorrow. You really are putting a lot of trust – when you’re spending – and you know, we have chairs that are $8000, for heaven’s sake, like popular selling chairs …

Isaac: Wow.

Alan: And the trust issue’s huge, and we respect that. I mean, I would beg for the same kind of trust if I was buying something like that online as well, so …

Isaac: Yes.

Alan: The trust issue is big, and I’m glad you spoke to that.

Isaac: Yep.

Alan: But yeah, that’s a big thing.

Isaac: Been very pleased.

Alan: Well, Isaac, thank you, it’s been wonderful talking to you. I appreciate you coming on board here, again, I apologize for, you know, imposing on your life. Everybody’s got their lives, and they’ve very busy, but I’m very, very grateful for your time. Your interview was great, and hopefully it’ll benefit other people that’ll be watching this, and we’ll have it up on YouTube probably next week.

Isaac: Great.

Alan: But thank you so very, very much, really appreciate it.

Isaac: You’re very welcome, and I do hope it helps other people experience the same experience that I’ve had, I’ve been very pleased.

Alan: Awesome, Isaac. Alright, well, have a good night, and hopefully we talk to you again.

Isaac: Thank you very much, sir. Take care.

Alan: You bet, see you. Bye bye.

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