Is Your Neck Pain Passing or Permanent?

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You may only notice your neck pain sometimes, so it may be hard to tell if the pain is passing or permanent. Sometimes it’s just a crick in your neck and a few days of stiffness, but nothing that can’t be resolved with a little ibuprofen and stretching. But if you’re experiencing this sort of pain for more than a few days, it might be a little more serious, and you may want to look into what’s causing it and some options for treatment.

One of the main causes of neck pain comes from the way you sit at work, and also the stress that your job causes in general. In fact, 30% of people suffer from neck pain each year, and feeling stressed from work can cause you to hunch your shoulders, clench your jaw, and tense your neck muscles. Most of the time stress-inflicted neck pain fades away, but nearly half of the cases go on to have chronic or recurring pain.

Women, people who do manual labor, health care workers, computer workers, and military pilots are more at risk than most people, among others. But this report says that the number one factor in neck pain is not the job you have, it’s how you feel about it. “The biggest predictors for neck pain are if you don’t like your job or boss.” One doctor suggests.

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