Is the office job ruining one’s posture?

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A sedentary lifestyle in a workplace leads to neck and back pain. The corporate culture of sitting at a workstation for extended periods of time has lead to employees physical aliments. Neck and back pain can be a serious consciences of sittinng in the same position for 8 hours a day. Based on the research, there seems to be long term consequences to a sedentary working environment. Regular breaks and exercise and needed for employees not to permanently damage their necks and backs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr.Trebinjac works at a rehab center and finds that many of his chronic pain patients have desk-work jobs as a common feature.
  • Add in a tendency to not exercise with a sedentary job and the recipe for an unhealthy lifestyle is complete.
  • One corporate Wellness CEO found that almost seventy percent of his employees had at minimum one episode of neck pain within their last twelve months.

“The way one is sitting at one’s desk could lead to joint and muscle problems”

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