Is texting a pain in your neck? – Petoskey News-Review

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Most people are guilty at staring at their phone too much, checking Facebook, texting and other activities keep us almost chained to our phone all day. All of this staring at our screens has been shown to have negative effects on our health specifically our posture. Our spines are designed to keep our neck neutral so we can look straight ahead. By constantly bending down to look at phones our neck muscles are forced to hold the entire weight of our heads. Physical therapy can help rectify these aches and pains, as well as limiting the screen time.

Key Takeaways:

  • As long as humans have been walking upright, our heads and necks were generally positioned to allow us to easily scan the horizon. This helped us locate food, identify friends or foes, and keep our eyes peeled for hungry predators.
  • The ability of our mobile devices to connect us with others has more significantly changed our physical postures and movements than just about any device since the proliferation of the automobile.
  • My main treatment is education about improving ergonomics and physical therapy. This is definitely a problem which is best treated by an ounce of prevention.

“For some reason, I have a feeling this one will be carefully trimmed from its page and gently placed in front of friends and/or loved ones who tend to spend their day staring at their mobile device of choice.”