Is massage good for the body, or does it just feel nice? – CNN

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Most people think of massages when they consider getting over their soreness or reducing aches. Recent studies have uncovered that different forms of massage treatments can impact the body in different ways. This means that if there is a specific pain or ache that the body may have, there may be a proper type of massage therapy to help overcome it. By delving further into the topic, it allows for individuals more effective means of curing their ailments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Massage can decrease Cortisol levels and increase your white cells, which fight infections.
  • Western Medicine is not the only thing, there are other solutions, such as acupuncture that can effectively treat patients.
  • Foot massages can take away depression and help with an over all wellness in middle age women.

“The University of Miami compared light and moderate pressure massage, and found that only moderate/stronger pressure enhances growth/development in infants and reduces stress in adults.”

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